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  • Member: xDreww
  • Studio: EBullientDesigns
  • Title: Drift Towards Tomorrow
  • Premiered: 2012-03-03
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    • The American Dollar Raided by Waves
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    Video Info:
    Basically what I wanted to show in this video, was to show the main parts of the anime of the
    threee girls showing there passion and determination to become "primas" You'll notice there all waring gloves.
    What the gloves are suppose to represent ther ranking. Pair= two gloves. Single= One glove. No glove=Gradurated to Prima.
    I wanted to show the main parts of the story, of their friendship, how they met. I wanted to also show what drove there passion
    deeper, and that is there seniors. They support and guide them to become Primas overtime. So basically..telling the story
    of the anime, which I kind of like to do in an AMV haha. I know if anyone hasn't seen this anime they wouldn't really
    capture what I wanted to porty in this video, so hopefully this explination will help people who haven't seen the anime.
    Which I recommend! Aria is probally my 2nd favortie anime, trully chilling and relaxing. Unquie story, with great comedy along with
    a slice of life. I really enjoyed making this video, hope you guys will like it as well. Thanks for watching!


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