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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: The Contract
  • Premiered: 2012-03-16
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    • AFI Miss Murder
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    Special for AMV-France Online Contest.

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    And a big thank you to all my awesome beta testers!
    Insane Zane
    Flony Burger

    Yes, I watched Madoka JUST to edit to this song.

    This is my favourite song from Guitar Hero and I've been wanting to make an AMV with it for a long time, except I never really found an anime that fit.

    The initial version was very raw and had little effects (unless you count masks, there is a LOT of those in there, in subtle places ;D) and took around 3 days of editing - because I was in a dying rush to get it finished on time for Kawaii-Kon. Not that it got in the finals. xD

    That led me to think about improving the video and the AMV-France contest was a great motivator to help me get off my lazy ass and do work on it. So the colouring, lighting and the additional FX sync was done afterwards.

    But since I couldn't release it because of the anonymity rule of the contest, it meant I was stuck with a video I wasn't entirely happy about. So since then I've been adding and adjusting tiny tibits here and there. There's a few additional masks and FX sync I added in there, different from the AMV-France version so if you'd like to experience the full awesomeness of the song, I'd recommend re-downloading the new local version.

    Hmm overall, I'm not 100% happy with the video because it's really different from what I envisioned in the first place and I'm kinda disappointed I couldn't implement my idea fully (because it really was awesome xD) but I do like this to some extent so I can't exactly write it off as a failure. Plus the song is just too good for me to dislike the video. xD

    So yeah the story, which nobody got. D: Despite me dropping hints in the poster.

    In my story, they are all trying to kill each other. Yup no friendship. Unless you count Sayaka and Madoka but they both have enough troubles defending themselves nevermind helping the other.

    It starts with Madoka and Sayaka being chased by Homura. Then Mami rescues them. Kyoko seeing Sayaka as a potential ALLY (YES THE APPLE MEANT SOMETHING!) decides to talk to her, but was rejected. So when Kyoko sees the chance of destroying Sayaka she jumps on it (hence the whole violin and going mad sequence) but Sayaka ain't going down with a fight! 8D While this is happening, Madoka who believes that Mami was genuinely trying to save her follows Mami wholeheartedly. But wrong, she only wanted to kill you. And so the battle between the 4 ensues while Homura just watches them. LIKE A BOSS.

    And I'm sure the ending is fairly obvious.

    P.S. Yes, I still don't like the series. Why? Because they killed off my favourite character in episode 3. =__=

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