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  • Members: magic_flier, Brittanysama
  • Studio: Bittersweet Temptations Studio
  • Title: Light and Darkness [BTS] (Collab w/XBrittanysamaX)
  • Premiered: 2010-05-05
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    • lights The Listening
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  • Comments: A collaboration with Brittany from the same Studio as me, we worked on this to dedicate to someone :D
    My parts: Character - Kawasumi, Mai
    XBrittanysamaX's parts: Character - Tsukimiya, Ayu

    Brittany's description:
    [BitterSweet Temptations Studios]
    Lame i forgot the BTS opening! oups!!! i was going insane trying to get this to render without sounding like some demon nomming on the audio... Bryan knows what i talking about... that i forgot to put zee opening oupsie~ and i had to encode in wmv ;w; sooo yeah contrast sorta funky =/ never does that when i use mp4

    Oh wells Bryan and I decided to collab for a our Megs bday. It turned out pretty well. We went with the 1 anime thing. My tracks symbolized light (ayu) and his darkness (Mai). It about the love triangle in Kanon =3

    Brittany: Happy Birthday Meg. Your one of the first members in BTS and i so glad you joined. I remember when i asked i was so scared of you saying no lolz. I glad you joined i got to get to know you better and you become a great friend. I hope you have a amazing birthday that isnt crazy busy cause you ALWAYS busy you need a break missy lolz! Love chu Meg Happy Birthday -throws cake at chu- ♥♥

    Bryan: "Happeh 18th Birthdayy Megg ;D, we should really talk moar but you rarely log on D: so i hope you lovee this collab full of Lights in it ;D Hope you have a amazingly great great birthday, everyone in BTS loves ya =w="

    Sub zee bday girl
    Sub my collab partner in crime!

    Parts -
    Part 1 - 00:00 - 00:20 - xBrittanysamax
    Part 2 - 00:20 - 00:40 - Magicflier
    Part 3 - 00:40 - 00:59 - xBrittanysamax
    Part 4 - 00:59 - 1:20 - Magicflier
    Part 5 - 1:20 - 1:40 - xBrittanysamax
    Part 6 - 1:40 - 1:58 - Magicflier
    Part 7 - 1:58 - 2:15 - xBrittanysamax
    Part 8 - 2:15 - End - Magicflier

    Song - The Listening - Lights
    Anime - Kanon

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