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  • Member: blaupunk_t
  • Title: Better Than I Know Myself
  • Premiered: 2012-03-02
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    • Adam Lambert Better than I know myself
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  • Comments: I tried my best to convey the message I thought the song spoke, which is that... Sometimes, we meet people in life... That through out, the good/bad, complete us... They help us find the pieces of ourselves, that we feel are missing... & even with the hard times, we never want to be without those people, that mean so much to us & have helped us in the continuous process of creating ourselves... Remember, no matter how much we may feel like monsters, or useless, or horrible, about ourselves... There will always be someone, who is willing to love/see more in you, than you do for yourself.

    This is my first video containing more than one anime.. I worked hard on it, though I wish the song was a bit longer... I felt a bit rushed at the end of editing, but I am happy/proud of my editing work. I own absolute no copyrights to any of the footage and/or song.

    Anime Used: Fruits Basket, Elfen Lied, Vampire Knight
    Song: Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself

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