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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Rejuvination Studios
  • Title: Pray For A Sign
  • Premiered: 2012-03-17
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    • In This Moment A Star-Crossed Wasteland
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    I finished watching the Tsubasa Chronicle series not too long ago and my first reaction was, this is one boring ass series. I always thought while watching the first season of the anime that this song would be a very good fit for a lot of the time traveling stuff that they did in the series, but as it went on I realized that I couldn't really use the TV series for this song.

    I managed to make it through the TV series and on to the OVAs and thats when my original idea started to change drastically. Since Bee Train messed up most of the episodes, I could only incorprete a few scenes here and there and use mostly scenes from the OVAs in the video.

    If it wasn't for the OVAs this video would have never been possible. Nothing happened at all in the TV series and I was just about to scrap this idea until I saw the OVAs. Changes to the original idea had to be made of course and as I edited the vid other changes were made as well. I wasn't able to include a lot of stuff that I originally wanted to show. I planned on giving Sakura more screen time and I even thought of adding Kurogane and Fai but they ended up not being necessary to the vid at all. So I ended up focusing on Sakura and Syaoran and his clone battling for Sakura.

    I'm very pleased how well this turned out. After watching the OVAs I really wanted to do something with them. The video is a little slow at first but keep watching as the last half of the vid really takes off and finishes with a bang!

    Update: I made some new improvents to the vid and refined some areas that'll make it look like a more finished product.

    Just a small note, it has some small interlacing issues thats hardly noticeable. I tried everything to get rid of the thing of the thing and it looks like the problem lies within the source material. I may try to fix this later on but just plug it into VLC player with the bob deinterlace filter on and you'll be okay.

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