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  • Member: ClaudiusValentine
  • Title: Vegeta : Fallen Warrior
  • Premiered: 2012-03-09
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    • My Darkest days World Belongs to me
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  • Comments: Born on Planet Vegeta as Prince of all Saiyans Vegeta was one of the most powerful Saiyans of his line His father saw in him the potential of becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan. in over 1,000 years this legendary warrior had not emerged And he who had obtain this legendary power in their Oozaru form.Frieza, the most feared tyrant in the universe ran a system of Planet Trade/Selling made a pact with the Saiyans hiring them to do some of his dirty work But Frieza took note of the Saiyans abilities feared that one day the Saiyan's power would surpass his own He visited the Empire requesting claim of the young prince.Frieza being too powerful for them killed everyone With a deadening blow destroyed Planet Vegeta annihilating all but the prince.With no kingdom left to rule, Vegeta continued working as one of Frieza's mercenaries For years the real source for the planet's explosion was kept secret. But Vegeta knew the truth and in this truth he vowed that no matter what it took he would grow strong stronger than Frieza stronger than anyone could ever imagine... His dark past became the result of Vegeta's cruel antisocial manner.

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