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  • Member: kiarrens
  • Studio: Tech Girl Productions
  • Title: King of Knights
  • Premiered: 2012-03-10
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    • FireFlight Unbreakable
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  • Comments: Finalist: AnimeBoston 2012 (Action)
    Finalist: Otakon 2012 (Action)

    There is a distinct lack of strong female characters in anime. Well... this phenomenon isn't limited to anime, but for the intents and purposes of this write-up let's focus on anime. I'd say that a truly strong female character which stands up to the Bechdel test occurs maybe once every 5 or so anime. It is discouraging, and as a woman it has always angered me that we have so few awesome female characters to relate to in anime.

    So, when Fate/Zero started coming out, I immediately fell in love with Saber. (I'd loved her in Fate/Stay Night as well, but she's a bit stronger in Zero, where the relationship angle isn't portrayed at all.) Here is a woman so strong that she "discarded" her femininity in order to follow a greater purpose, that of leading her people. Even so, she still sustains some level of femininity in her dress and she is a genuinely caring, nurturing individual. She puts on this tough front. She wants the world to see her as a King, a leader. Unbreakable, unbent. And yet she retains a sense of frailty beneath it all, as illustrated in the Banquet of Kings episode. She attempts to hold onto the ideals she holds dear, she fights for honor and chivalry and for her people. And she does it in battle armor, with a sword. And she kicks all sort of righteous ass.

    Yeah, this is a female character I can get behind. So I decided that I'd like to put together a character profile for her. Listening to Pandora, I came across the song "Unbreakable" by Fireflight, and it seemed to fit her so well. I only had the first season to work with as the second hasn't yet been aired, so I did the best I could portraying her spirit with what I had.

    Hope you enjoy the video. Let us all raise a glass of wine to King Arturia, King of Knights.

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