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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Rejuvination Studios
  • Title: Ultimate Battle Remake
  • Premiered: 2012-02-18
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    • Wataru Takagi Waru- Bad Blood
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  • Comments: This is a remake of one of my earlier videos. The video went through a complete revision to get to the original idea I had for this video. Through out the years I've made three different videos of this using various footage I have obtained through either vhs or dvd. The first video I did of this video was using fansub footage from the old days before DBZ ever came out over here or was just barely starting. The second time I made this video I used footage that came from TV before there was water marks on them but the footage still wasn't that clean and had shaky problems. Finally the dvds of Dragon Ball Z finally started to come out over here but there was one problem. The first two
    seasons of DBZ had yet to be obtained by Funimation, but there were plenty of flashbacks to Goku and Vegeta's first fight that I was able to use. Since I didn't have all of the fight between them from those episodes I decided to mix the second fight between Goku and Vegeta (the battle against Majin Vegeta).

    Years pass since those videos were made and the first two seasons were finally licensed. The Ultimate Uncuts started to come out and I knew I was going to be able to make this video again. Then, they dropped them and started to release the Season sets of DBZ. I decided to wait just incase they ever licensed the Dragon Box footage which was the footage I really wanted to use to make this vid.

    And then it happend! The Dragon Box footage DBZ was finally released. I didn't fully come to remake this vid until I started rewatching my old versions of these said videos. I decided since I finally have obtained the Dragon Box footage why not? Plus I had some inspiration from watching
    Castor Troy's remade 3G videos with Dragon Box that really decided to push me into making this vid again.

    There were a lot of sync issues in the original videos that I wanted to fix for the new release since my editing has improved since then. This version is closer to the idea I had back then but wasn't able to include all of the footage until now. I also decided to use the original version of the song since my previous versions used the remixed version. I also ended it the way I did so I could possibly do another remake of older video that follows up after this vid for a potential sequel.

    If you're interested in seeing the original versions of these videos that inspired me to use the Dragon Box footage for here they are.

    fansubbed version early 2000

    vhs version 2001 or so

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