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  • Title: Tempis Ceti
  • Premiered: 2012-01-01
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    • Babe Rainbow Give You Time
    • VNV Nation Beloved
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    "Tempis Ceti (n.)
    A purple, flowering plant from Tau Ceti. When consumed, it allows any sentient being to become aware of the entire expanse of their* existence. Past, present, and all futures remaining."

    *In this case "their" should be his/her/its, but whatever, lol.

    Oh, philosophy class, the things you make me think up...

    As odd as it may sound, this is actually based off of a short story, titled 'The Weed of Time' by Norman Spinrad. (Well, that and a little bit from 'The Fountain'). In any case, in this short story a group of astronauts went to Tau Ceti and brought back a strange plant, not knowing of its powers. It's basically a story about time and everything's existence in it, but it's written in such an interesting fashion that the idea just stuck with me. "I am an old, old man dying on clean white sheets." This phrase is repeated throughout the text and it isn't quite revealed what the narrator is getting at until the end--that he knows his existence, can view any part of it, but can never escape it. And that's where this video came to mind.

    Now, there are a lot of interpretations to this video. In fact, almost everyone I've shown it to has thought up of different things that have meaning in it and can actually change how the story is perceived. Yeah, it's filled with a bunch of symbolism and metaphors, and I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. It was a blast to edit, though, and even after sitting listening to this song for who knows how long I still love it.


    If you'd like a (brief) idea of plot points and such, (I don't know what else to call it, lol), you can keep on reading below :

    I suppose one idea of the story is that a boy and a girl find the weed and decide to eat it. They are aware of what is to come, but don't realize it until it's too late. The boy ends up dying in the first life. Both are reborn, the boy beginning to understand what's going on while the girl carries on as any life would, almost resigned to her fate. Though it seems like they would be together, time tears them apart in one way or another, (represented at :09 as a winding line, then at 4:12 and 5:15 as a physical manifestation). In the last act, the boy decides that he will change their fate, recording all that he knows in an attempt to reject all that has already been written. Of course, this time he is sure to keep it a secret, not wanting to risk anything happening. But the boy drops the book, only to have the girl find it, read it, and remember all that had ever happened. She goes about doing what she was going to do, regardless of knowing, the boy trying to stop her and prove time wrong. In the end, however, he realizes what the girl had been doing all along--It doesn't matter what time leads to, only that they were allowed the chance to share their moments together, and that they would always exist in those moments.

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