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  • Member: Kinematics
  • Studio: Cool Ranch Fusion
  • Title: Ladies Marmalade
  • Premiered: 2003-06-09
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  • Song:
    • Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Lady Marmalade
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  • Comments: Moulin Rouge (BGC2040)
    Idea germination: Feb 2002
    Idea writeup: Feb 2002
    Project start: Feb 10, 2002
    Project completion: June 5, 2003
    Project work time: 3 weeks @~3hrs/day, so 60+ hours total

    Character profile? Well, more like character assassination, really, but I think I'm pretty safe from retribution, so...

    This concept was originally developed in February 2002, but lay dormant for quite a while after a very brief start. It has lost a bit of its luster since then (the song's no longer ubiquitous), but it's still a fun video.

    This is a bit of a parody of the original Christina Aguilera et al's "Lady Marmalade" video. The roles of Mya, Pink, L'il Kim and Christina are played by Sylia, Nene, Priss and Linna, respectively, with their "Moulin Rouge" being the Silky Doll. There's a reasoning behind the choices, but as it has to do with the singers' personalities (which I'm not all that familiar with), I'll leave it for a friend to write up.

    Technical stuff:

    My computer got a serious upgrade at the end of last year, and that has made it a lot easier to improve on the general quality of the footage that I used. I'm now directly using the DVD footage via AVS files (see the site guides), though the basics were built using low-quality MJPG's. Sadly, a bit of frame shifting (and manually overriding decomb failures) during the transition added almost a week to the completion time, since I had to go back and completely retime all the lipsync and stuff, but overall I think it was worth it.

    This is my third video, and the project was a fair bit more complicated than the first two. Obviously (if you've seen the video), the main thrust in this one is lip sync. There was a lot of frame-by-frame editing, as well as a little mask/layering for a couple difficult shots. I threw in a few small effects just because (and I rather like that the light flash on Sylia in front of the aquarium only affects the foreground objects, making it look like it was really in the room), and to try to improve my feel of what works where. A couple others I experimented with I ended up pulling. Comments on the usefulness of these, and what others I might want to try, are welcome.

    Artistically this was a bit more of a challenge. A fair bit of who gets put in focus was based on the original video, but there were certain necessary deviations. More, though, it was a challenge in not only making the scenes match the lyrics, but occasionally not making the scenes match the lyrics, plus a bit of flair for finding good scenes when lyrics weren't a consideration. I focused a lot on keeping up with the tempo of the song with lots of cuts rather than letting any scenes drag out, and several points of back-and-forth cuts to help give a visual focus for the stronger beats. Overall I feel it's a significant improvement over my two other videos.

    Most problematic child: Sylia. While I had a tremendous amount of footage to work from (more so than most of the others, in a certain sense), trying to find scenes that I felt actually *fit* was a royal pain in da keister.

    Available for download are a 352x240 MPG (direct) and a 704x480 DivX (v5.05) (local). Note that the direct link is being served from my DSL, so upload speeds may become limited if a lot of people are trying to get it at once.

    8/20/03 - The auto-check system seems to have problems with spaces in the file name, so renaming without spaces.

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