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  • Member: Cole
  • Title: Totally Bitshounen
  • Premiered: 2003-06-08
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    • Raja-Nee Bitchism
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  • Comments: I actually had a weekend free, so I captured a bunch of clips in a little ode to the infamous facial exaggurations common to anime characters. I read Xarxraxs guide to doing lip-synch videos, and decided that it wouldnt help me much seeing as I don't have Premiere. I guess I could alter each and every frame in Photoshop, but Im not a psycho. So I tried a bit on my own to little avail. I used fade-in transition effects to try and lengthen the time a character was moving their mouth, but it came out looking horrible each and every time. In the end, I only nailed two lip-synch spots that I was trying for. Its a frustrating business. So I won't bother asking for lip-synch opinions, because I can tell you right now: the grade is F-, plus detention after school followed by expulsion. Would have been worse if I had left in all those attempts I described above.

    Im not a hardcore AMV creator, so two and a half days is considerable effort time to me. I use MGI Videowave for my editing, along with Arcsofts Showbiz (both free versions that came with my video camera and firewire card), and Creative Labs Wave Mixer for the sound. I wanted to put out a video that would be fun to watch , especially if you like these shows. So I went for a frantic kind of feel, full of huge eyes, bleeding noses, and contorted mouths. The lyrics are a bit explicit, its a song from the DOAX soundtrack. But it's a song you cant take seriously, so I thought it fit this AMV perfect. This will be number three of my AMVs to date. I think my next one, I'll spend as long as it takes to get it looking absolutely the way I want it to. EVEN if it means altering each frame in Photoshop . . . . . . . . . .

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