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  • Member: MsAMVman
  • Studio: MsStudio
  • Title: BurstFullEnergy
  • Premiered: 2012-01-26
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    • Mika (Kick Ass) We Are Young
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  • Comments: Hello Hello what's up guys long time no see huh?Well here is my latest work!I was trying to add FRIENDSHIP/TEAMWORK/WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER/BURST OF YOUTH/you know and all these look alike things just in one video BUT AT THE SAME TIME the sync to not be bad so i worked with sync for the most length of the song but i also decided to let some clips unsynched just to let you see this "burst fullness" of youth! Anyway hope you like it ow and sorry about the crap quality in some clips but i couldn't match better clips in the concept and i also couldn't find the same scenes with better quality!
    Thank you in advance for any opinions or comments that you will leave about this AND MOST BASICALLY FOR WATCHING THIS!!

    Comments that this video has take:
    I like the reoccurring friendship/teamwork/"we're in this together" theme that you used a lot. Don't know if that's what you were going for but hey, that's what I got out of it.I do like it when they're upbeat and positive like this instead of angry and violent, though.I think that fans of these series will enjoy this AMV a lot.

    Overall a very good effort; you switch between the various animes well without seeming disjointed or awkward.The scenes chosen are a nice mix of action and camaraderie, which match the theme of the song.Audio quality was good, as was video aside from the DBZ scenes mentioned above.

    I think that the song you choose should be the official anthem for all shonen characters. It really fits the theme of you video.I really like the idea of this vid and how it revolves around so many shonen characters.

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