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  • Members: drewaconclusion, kiarrens
  • Studio: "It's a Trap!" Productions
  • Title: AAC 2011 - EIE - kiarrens & drewaconclusion
  • Premiered: 2011-10-15
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    • The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter
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  • Comments: This is the video kiarrens and I made for Another Anime Con 2011's Extreme Iron Editor contest; which we were the winners of. We were up against LantisEscudo and OtakuForLife.

    Since it was extreme iron editor, there were plenty of physical challenges. I'll list the ones I can remember below:

    Instant Slime Dice Roll (kiarrens vs. ???): Two buckets were filled with instant slime. Somewhere at the bottom of the slime was a 20-sided die. Competitors had to fish out the die bare-handed and roll the die. Whatever the die rolled was the number of lens flares that team had to use in their video.

    Winner: I was editing at the time, so I didn't notice...

    Scavenger Hunt (drewaconclusion vs. OtakuForLife): Competitors were given a list of 15 items/cosplayers to find around the convention and 30 minutes to find them.

    Winner: drewaconclusion (I found every last item and it came right down to the wire)

    Haiku (not really a competitive event): Representatives of each team had to first pick a single word (kiarrens had picked 'tree'). The teams were then told they had to write a haiku based on that word and incorporate it into their video.

    Winner: None, though it should be mentioned that LantisEscudo and OtakuForLife forgot to incorporate their haiku into their video...

    I'll finish writing this a little later...

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