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  • Member: blaku92
  • Studio: Blaku Keendai Productions
  • Title: PS3 no Jutsu
  • Premiered: 2012-01-07
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  • Song:
    • Becoming the Archetype Beyond Adaptation
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Finally, I made a mindless, well, not totally mindless, action video. I used to like Naruto because I always wanted to see the fights from the manga animated well. After a while though, I completely gave up on the show because it looked really terrible. I didn't mind the inconsistency of the character designs for the most part, but I at least wanted it to be well animated. So when I started playing the Ultimate Ninja Storm games I was really blown away by how great they looked. They were better than the show! Not to mention the folks at Bandai got creative with how the characters used their powers. That's when I decided to bring in my PS3 to work and use the lovely Pro-grade AJA capture cards to grab all the best scenes. I wish I could have just ripped it or something at home, but it was taking too long searching the web trying to figure out how to do that. Btw.. if anyone knows please feel free to tell me. I guess I could pop in the disc and look for the m2ts files or something, but I have no idea how PS3 game discs operate. Oh well. My favorite Band, Becoming the Archetype, seemed like an obvious choice for me to use, even though all their songs are related to God... whatev. The lyrics don't really matter if it's awesome right??!! They're immensely talented, and for the most part, they don't get all cheesy with the Jesus-lyrics like a lot of Christian bands. Hmm Cheese.. it IS metal after all. I decided to Cut on Avid because at home I'm on a PC, and the newer versions of Premiere suck balls from what I've noticed. Maybe it's my setup, but I doubt it. I felt the need to freshen up on my Media Composer skills anyway since FCP is pretty much a dead product now. I learned a lot about the power of straight cutting on this amv which will definitely add a little more edge to my amvs I plan on sending to LA Expo and AWA. With the huge number of dance videos that I've been seeing lately (not that they're bad), I hope this is a bit of fresh air to those that like a metalicious action video. That was my plan all along -- to just make a freakin' action video. Enjoy!

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