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  • Member: Frezio
  • Studio: Sugasugashi Studio
  • Title: Sinatra
  • Premiered: 2012-01-04
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  • Song:
    • Moby Flower
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    Sinatra is another one day project, but now I think is one of my best amv ;) Title mean the most important thing in "Catblue Dynamite", the 40 minutes ONA by Higa Romanov. Excellent storyline and Heroine "Blue", recommended this film! It's available on Crunchyroll.


    Crap. I know that. However only version with 272p was shared. But it's quite climatic, right? :D I have to add that every version have hard subs in japanese kanji's. They're there because "Catblue" have only english dubbing. It don't make me happy, but some squares work here ;)


    Moby - Flower is my best film soundtrack. I watched 'Gone in 60 seconds' a few years ago, but this still in my top. And after "Catblue" I can finally edit something with it.

    'Njoy chillout!

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