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  • Member: Tearx
  • Title: Adustum
  • Premiered: 2011-12-31
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    • 3OH!3 I'm not the one
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    This video has been inspired by my pure love for KotomiXTomoya, SO CUTE. OMG, I was re watching a few scenes and just knew I had to do something with this couple. I really dislike Nagisa, she has no soul, I have a theory she is a zombie.

    Anyways, I really wanted to portray Kotomi's instability and how Tomoya tries to help her out. The song choice started out during my obsession of 3Oh!3. Editing wise, in total I think I spent 4-5 days on this. However, in actuality it was about 2-3 months because I would edit one day and not touch it for 2 weeks. (yes I am lazy I know)

    Special thanks to Niotex for helping me with the credits part, my computer tends to choke on AE a lot now-a-days ><

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