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  • Member: bleachcenter
  • Title: [Bleach AMV] Return
  • Premiered: 2011-12-29
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    • Lana Del Rey Born To Die (Gemini Remix)
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  • Comments: I explained my concept of this AMV in a forum, so I thought I'd just copy and paste it here. I still have a lot of room to improve, I realize that..I also know that the AMV's not perfect...but I think that from three years ago, my editing skills have at least grown somewhat. :]

    "Where I connected Bleach and this song "Born to Die," is irony. The only true time Ichigo was really in control of his life was when he was a death god. He had spent his life plagued by ghosts and the inability to really do anything for them...his own mother was killed due to his inability to protect her (at least, that's the way I've been thinking he felt)...and he has always wanted the power to protect his younger sisters. In order to become a Shinigami, one must usually die as it's the spirit that takes care of other hollows and official Soul Society business...It was this connection with death I used to tie the song and Bleach together. Of course, I used the literal meaning a lot in the AMV as well. That's how I introduce what I meant to be the theme of the AMV...with Rukia stabbing Ichigo at their first meeting. The ending (the manga bit), is meant to be a flash forward -- moving after the entire redux and the introductory scene. Ichigo has come full circle -- in the beginning, he became a Shinigami purely out of a need for the survival of him and his family...and in the end, he becomes one to retain his identity. In essence, he was "born to die". The very end is simply a picture of Ichigo's eye reflecting Rukia's form. I kept it this way simply because those that read the manga know exactly what happened while at the same time, those that don't read the manga won't have the anime spoiled for them. "

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