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  • Member: Mr Pilkington
  • Studio: Mr. Pilkington Studios
  • Title: Speed Bossa Nova
  • Premiered: 2003-06-08
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    • Quincy Jones Soul Bossa Nova
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  • Comments: So here it is my most recent work of insanity: Speed Bossa Nova. This video is a two week project collaborating Speed Racer and Quincy Jones’ “Soul Bossa Nova.” The first week was spent just ripping the sources and putting them into the project in order. A majority of the clips work immediately, very little work was needed. In fact there are some random clips which can be easily pointed out which were unintentionally dropped items that just so happened to coexist with the music. One of my more successful and easy videos. Week two was spent on timing and adding (not so) special effects. Such as.... Well you'll just have to see it. I hope you all like it.

    Please drop me a review and let me know what you think. There's nothing I enjoy more than hearing the opinions of my fans.

    Critics corner:

    Jay Sherman - "It Stinks!"

    Comic Book Guy - "Worst video ever."

    Homer Simpson - "I give this my worst rating ever, 7 thumbs up."

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