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  • Member: SatoshiSakura
  • Title: Coup d'état (Long Live the Shadow King)
  • Premiered: 2011-12-24
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    • Lion King soundtrack Be Prepared
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  • Comments: This AMV was more challenging than usual, considering I've never really edited something this lip sync heavy before. It was basically a random idea I got over the summer that I started then dropped, but then got my inspiration for it back when The Lion King 3D was released, so this is in it's honor. XD

    I had some computer problems while making this, so some of the episodes aren't that great with quality, but I didn't have time to do anything else. I'm hoping to remaster it soon.

    Thank you to StartTrinity009, again, for all her invaluable help!

    - OhayoCon 2012 [Comedy Finalist]
    - KatsuCon 2012 [Best Comedy & Best in Show]
    - SakuraCon 2012 [Parody Winner]
    - Otafest 2012 [Honorable Mention; Best Use of Disney]
    - AnimeNEXT 2012 [Comedy Finalist]
    - Anime Mid Atlantic 2012 [Comedy Finalist]

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