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  • Member: pillsbury15
  • Studio: 4thplace Productions
  • Title: The Stroll
  • Premiered: 2011-11-05
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    • Hiroshi Okubo Pearl Blue Soul
    • Konami Ambiguous Tea
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  • Comments: "As you stroll along at intense speeds traversing through life and death, You will feel the undeniable ecstasy of recklessness."

    The Stroll

    This video... This fucking video has been in the works for over a year... and to be honest I'm very pleased with the result ... save for that purple gradient cop-out frame... I will try to fix it later on.

    It all started in September '10 I thought to myself "Hey!" an AMV with strictly driving would be cool but then it turned out that every fucking car anime has that horrible CGI éX-Driver seemed like a bolt from heaven and so I started with the clipping and many many hours later I had clipped all 6 Episodes, the Movie, and the OVA but however the Movie and OVA fall into that cop-out CGI category not to mention mediocre animation.

    However I got lazy and after losing much progress due to my HDD dying I stopped working on it till a few months back this was also originally the finish to the 2010 Birthday Series but well I finished way too late, Here's a breakdown of the overall race result.

    éX-Driver Current Team

    Lorna Endou, White Lotus Europa (1st)
    Sugano Soichi, Yellow Super 7 (2nd)
    Lisa Sakakino, Blue Lancia Stratos HF (10th)

    éX-Driver Classic Team

    Nina Thunder, Purple Vehicle (3rd)
    Antagonist, Black Super 7 (6th)
    Kazama Rei, Red Ducati (11th)

    Cyber-Punks Team

    Fat Punk, Pink Vehicle (7th)
    Blonde Punk, Red Vehicle (8th)
    Shades Punk, White Vehicle (9th)

    Other Team

    Random Guy 1, Blue Subaru Impreza (4th)
    Random Guy 2, Red Vehicle (5th)
    Random Guy 3, Green Vehicle (12th)

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