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  • Member: ZennMora
  • Studio: Forty Dollar Productions
  • Title: Dizzy
  • Premiered: 2003-06-28
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    • self Dizzy
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  • Comments: This video is basically a tribute to how Sanji is affected by girls...especially Nami and Vivi. So expect lots of heart-over-eye Sanji scenes. I'm hoping to get this done by MetroCon.

    The premise of the video is that Sanji is a rock star singing about how Nami (and sometimes Vivi and any other random pretty girl) drives him crazy. Jango plays the part of the American Bandstand style interviewer. The 69-69-69-69 scene was suggested by ChibiMora.

    The quality of the clips used in this video can be put into four categories (in order of quality):
    1. Good DVD-rips
    2. Good 640x480 raw files
    3. Not-so-good DVD-rips (because the dvd's contained mainly poor quality TV-rips)
    4. Crappy 320x240 raw files

    Once I obtain better quality source material for the clips belonging to categories 3 and 4, I'll replace them...but until then you'll just have to cringe and shake your head disapprovingly during those parts.

    The episodes used vary widely. I used several Jango clips from Usopp's arc. And almost every instance of Sanji's heart-over-eye scenes from when he first appears to episode 109. Then I used some clips from his fight with Bon Clay (episodes 114-116 i think) -- those are the crappy quality ones. And finally I used some stuff from a couple of random good quality episodes I have in the ep. 130-150 range.

    If you have any comments...feel free to leave them here or email me! Enjoy!

    Make sure you have Div-X 5.0.5!

    **Oh, if you downloaded the video before 2:10 PM EST on 6/28/03, you downloaded an older incomplete version...the finished version is up now. Sorry about that.

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