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  • Member: AngelDragoon
  • Title: This is The Tale
  • Premiered: 2011-10-09
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    • Hans Zimmer He's a Pirate
    • The Lonely Island Jack Sparrow
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  • Comments: So, after many months of procrastinating and one move later, here's my first actual and full video to this site that hasn't been an IC or from a MEP. Decided to upload it on my birthday, because at least then I could remember to do so. This actually 'premiered' on the 'tube in June, but it's premiering here today. Please note that this is the convention version, so the audio has been made PG-13 and all swears have been removed. Only one drug reference is used, but this is actually in reference to a movie.

    There...really isn't much to say about it, lol. Below is the reason WHY it was made, however, and it isn't a happy reason. If you don't want to potentially be depressed, skip on down below.

    While this is a comedy video, it actually wasn't made for comedic reasons. Before this video was made, my beloved dog Boo passed away from cancer. For a while, nothing could really make me laugh. Surprisingly and almost oddly, I heard this song and laughed harder than I have in a long time. And so, I made this, basically in a memorial to Boo, the best darn dog I ever had, and the only dog that ever made me laugh so hard that I made a comedy video in remembrance.
    [/END STORY]

    In any case, I realize the lip syncing could have been tighter and the transitions a little smoother. That was the last of my priorities at the time, to say the least, but I'm still quite happy with it. Since this is exactly the video I sent into contests with, (minus the credits), this is exactly the video you get. Maybe I'll go back and tone down the dissolves one of these days or update the footage, but for now I hope you all enjoy, and it brightens your day a little more!

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