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  • Member: EimiJ7
  • Title: Unlimited
  • Premiered: 2011-10-01
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    • Idina Menzel Defying Gravity (Single Version)
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    I wanted to use some independent anime girls (who aren't mostly action characters) to show how they defy gravity both literally and figuratively. I know most of the girls used here are very often used in romance AMV's but I wanted to show their characters from a different perspective to show how the choices they make can leave an unlimited future ahead of them. The inspiration for this came because I wanted to make a "girl power" AMV of some sort (since in most anime the girls are lame and are only concerned about the goals of the male characters), but it doesn't have to be seen in that way. This AMV is also about just breaking free from the limits that society puts on you and creating an unlimited future ^.^

    There isn't supposed to be any kind of chronological storyline in this AMV. It's just supposed to be the anime girls expressing their desire to defy gravity.

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