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  • Member: Niwa
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Eternal Feather
  • Premiered: 2011-09-27
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Ai Otsuka planetarium
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is a project which I started working with last summer just after finishing ''Blue Ciel'' I heard the song while watching the Live-action show called ''Hana Yori Dango'' and it really gave me a few ideas for an Air video which I've always wanted to create but never found the suitable song for it. The tone and everything else about this song was just a perfect fit for the show what I thought back then.

    I started working slowly on it, and tried a couple of new things which I haven't thought of using before. After awhile, I kept losing interest of the project, and eventually I took a break from it which ended up delaying it even more.

    At the beginning of 2011, I've finally regain more inspiration from all of the event I've been going through during this year. I've met a lot of different people with different experience in life and that boosted my motivation and made me into a stonger person. I also met my special person during this time, and she helped me through my most difficult times and kept cheering for me whenever I was upset or unmotivated. I just want her to know that I want to repay her kindness and her love by making her happy everyday and do my upmost of what I do for the rest of my life, this is the least I can do for her (she still doesn't believe that I'm 5% Korean) I'm also grateful of meeting new friends along the way which helped me regain my confidence. You know who you are (Cheese, Daughter, Panda, Pancake, Kaipi, Neverend, Turtle) thank you for keeping up with such a weird guy like me :3


    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    Adobe After Effects CS4
    Adobe Photoshop CS4


    ''Azure'' by Aerialesque

    ''World Unbroken'' by Silver_Moon & Sierra Lorna


    Yuuzukiyo kaodasu kieteku kodomo no koe
    Tooku tooku kono sora no dokoka ni kimi wa irundarou
    Natsu no owari ni futari de nuke dashita kono kouen de mitsuketa
    Ano seiza nandaka oboeteru?

    Aenakutemo kioku wo tadotte onaji shiawase wo mitainda
    Ano kaori to tomoni hanabi ga patto hiraku

    Ikitaiyo kimi no tokoro e imasugu kakedashite ikitai yo
    Makkura de nanimo mienai kowakutemo daijoubu
    Kazoe kirenai hoshizora ga imamo zutto kokoni arundayo
    Nakanaiyo mukashi kimi to mita kireina sora datta kara
    [ Lyrics from: ]
    Ano michi made hibiku kutsu no oto ga mimi ni nokoru
    Ookina jibun no kage wo mitsumete omounodeshou
    Chittomo kawaranai hazu nanoni setsunai kimochi fukurande ku
    Donnani omottatte kimi wa mou inai

    Ikitai yo kimi no sobani chiisakutemo chiisakutemo
    Ichiban ni kimi ga sukidayo tsuyoku irareru
    Negai wo nagareboshi ni sotto tonaete mitakeredo
    Nakanai yo todoku darou kirei na sorani

    Aenakutemo kioku wo tadotte onaji shiawase wo misetainda
    Ano kaori to tomoni hanabi ga patto hiraku

    Ikitaiyo kimino tokoro e chiisana te wo nigiri shimete
    Nakitaiyo sorewa sorewa kirei na sora datta
    Negai wo nagare boshi ni sotto tonaete mitakeredo
    Nakitai yo todokanai omoi wo kono sora ni

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