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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Rygart's Last Stand
  • Premiered: 2011-09-17
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    • Art of Dying Get thru this
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  • Comments: Most probably my last amv and maybe a goodbye to org.

    Stopped caring for new anime over the last months, 95% of them are below mediocre and just recycle older ideas adding even more wtf elements.It's really a pity but the anime industry will go down if it continues like this...

    Anyway, concerning the vid and the anime.

    Break Blade was one of the few anime I liked during this year.That is until the 4th episode, after it, it went really bad imo.Maybe because it deviated from the manga a lot, whatever...Still ,it had amazing animation, lovable characters, mecha and I liked what I was watching.Hence it deserved a vid.

    The editing took very little,about 2 days.After all I only used 4 episodes and I didn't go for anything special.Throw a kickass song,some mecha, a loser becoming hero, a girl, some black fades and this is the result.

    The song really helped a lot, I love all Transformers Movies OSTs and this song is by far the most memorable.My initial intention was to edit Break Bladw with Within Temptation's "Where is the Edge" but the footage was enough for a 3-minute vid so I quickly changed opinion.

    Enjoy and comment!!

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