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  • Member: jucabala1702
  • Studio: Kaworu-Kun Productions
  • Title: Steal My Fashion Hooker Unicorn
  • Premiered: 2011-09-07
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  • Songs:
    • Lady Gaga Electric Chapel
    • Lady Gaga Fashion of His Love
    • Lady Gaga Goverment Hooker
    • Lady Gaga Highway Unicorn
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  • Comments: Hello subs , friends ans viewers!
    So, these are my two parts for the Lady Gaga Megamix MEP hosted by xEmmaTheKid
    I finished them this week, and I couldn't believe that I got some inspiration, it's not all my inspiration but at least 70%
    For this video I gave the Title "Steal My Fashion Hooker Unicorn" but I decided to put the tile on YT as Lady Gaga Megamix MEP ~ My Parts to get more views xD
    So, I still heve to do more and more MEP Parts T-T I don't know why I keep joining in MEPs like this, It's an addictions (or not) btw, I can't wait for South Park's 14th season that VH1 will premiere this Sunday 18 at 10pm xD I'm so excited!
    Now, relax and enjoy the video!

    ALL INFO IN THE VIDEO, PLEASE DON'T ASK, IF YOU ASK I'LL IGNORE YOU (or just say you to watch the video xD I'm not so mean)

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