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  • Member: Kain-x-spirits
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Shikabane Distortion
  • Premiered: 2011-08-27
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    • Outer Bullshit!! Hard problem!!
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    My video for the battle team contest organized by amvnews. I got the "Inside out" categorie.

    Inside out : As if by some kind of magic, tragedy miraclously turns into comedy, arch-villain into sentimental romantic, boys into girls, hard hentai into touching and tender relations, Chobits into Timati...In short, it's not necessairly to make an alternative story, a complex character profile, etc., the main thing is to turn everything upside down.

    The idea of the video was to remake the opening of an eroge with an anime primarily know for its dark atmosphere. It was really long to choose an opening to edit because most of them have an awful music, or are just to difficult or to easy to copy. So I finally chose the opening of nekonade distortion, mainly because of the pace of the video, and secondly because of the music. (yeah outer=kotoko)
    It was really difficult to edit this, shikabane hime has really a dark atmosphere, and above all has only dark pictures. So i had to use many filter and level adjustement in order to make something brighter, but in the end, i'm quite proud of the result, even if it could probably have been better. But, to me, it really looks like an different anime, and i hope you'll feel the same. I really enjoyed to make this m@d, and i hope you'll like it. =)

    My teammates with their categories :
    - Aoisenshi - Remaster
    - Hydra Star - Monochrome
    - RebA_23 (RebAamv) - Upbeat

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