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  • Member: aoisenshi
  • Studio: Bittersweet Temptations Studio
  • Title: こーどぎあすっ 反逆のるる~しゅ 2nd
  • Premiered: 2011-08-27
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    • ave:new feat Sakura Saori Kiss My Lips
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    Alternative title: Kiss My Lips

    This is for the AMVNews Team Battle 2011. As category I picked Remaster to work with. (Where you supposed to make a good quality remaster of an existing video - either mine or somebody else's and since I only have crappy old vids I picked this M@D I found years ago.)

    I know people will say it's just a copy from the original - which is true, but that's what I assume when you say Remaster. You're not really supposed to change stuff (unless your images have bad quality and were impossible to use. =_=;) I know some of you would probably have different ideas, saying I should have approached it differently , but really, I just went with what I think was right.. so yeah...

    Also, I'm NEVER going to remaster stuff again... Searching for images and then editing them in PS, picking out the same scenes, credits... it's just tiring, man... ;w; It's not really as fun as I thought it would be when I picked that category, but on the other hand, I did learn and do stuff I didn't think I'd normally do (since I'm a really lazy person...XD) But yeah, overall, I'm happy with it. :3 And I hope you guys enjoy sexi Lulu singing at the end.... =3=

    Also, thank you Kain for beta-testing and helping me look for some stuff, as well as letting me join your team! Don't forget to check out my other team member's work, though! They're really amazing! *^*! *glomps you all*

    Since the original video got deleted, I had to look on YouTube for it.
    Nico Douga

    Categories: Fun, MAD, Remaster

    Team Members: Bubbles Make Us (BMU Team)
    - Kain-x-Spirits - Inside Out
    - Aoisenshi - Remaster
    - Hydra Star - Monochrome
    - RebA_23 (RebAamv) - Upbeat

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