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  • Member: freakinerd
  • Title: Nothing to Lose
  • Premiered: 2011-10-21
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  • Song:
    • Shinedown Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
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  • Comments: Premiered at Anime Banzai 2011 and EXP Con IV 2011

    EXP Con IV 2011 Elite 8

    AMV Number 17
    7th with Sony Vegas

    Second One Piece AMV
    First full AMV.

    Got this song from watching The Expendables (Awesome Movie) trailer, wanted the full song, but had to wait for it. When I got the full song, i wanted to use a different anime rather then Naruto, so I thought of Bleach, I listened to the song for a bit, nothing. Then I remembered One Piece, and thought of the Whitebeard War and it just ended in the manga, and thought that might work. So I waited for the anime version to come out first.

    Over a year later, the war was over, I actually waited for the war to be over so I can start. I re-watched the Whitebeard war episodes. I wanted to show the war more then specific fights, meaning I want to show the strengths of both sides. It was difficult because they didn't show that much with the marines and pirates, so mostly halfway, I showed the strengths of both sides and try to add what I can and transitioned in to other peoples fights, mostly shortened. I showed Whitebeard alot because, its the Whitebeard war and the story revolves more around him then Ace and Luffy.

    Took me about 4 months to finish on and off, it we're going by hours, I would say about 30-40 hours, and I love the results.

    Hope you guys enjoy it.

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