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  • Member: ram491991
  • Studio: Visual E Motion
  • Title: [VES] Tell Me You Love Me
  • Premiered: 2011-08-12
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    • Nickelback Savin Me
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  • Comments: ~Please Read~ ^^

    Cl@nn@d, Shug0 Ch@r@, C@rdc@ptor S@kura


    S@vin me


    Sony Vegas Pro 8, After Effects & Photoshop CS4


    The main story behind this AMV is basicly a vent video of my emotions and feelings, confusion and love for someone
    very close to me, this is a way for me to release everything and let people around me know the things I keep bottled
    up inside me. Also the concept overall was just to perfect to pass by.
    Showing the pain that life can cause and sometimes all you need is that special someone just to say those three words
    "I love you". This AMV brings emotions of life and love to the surface, showing that when life is at its hardest and
    your feeling pushed over then edge just having that special someone around to cuddle you, protect you and love you can
    save you inside. The puzzle pieces represent life, when situations cause your life and emotions to shatter apart, you
    have to be strong and pick up the pieces and put them back together like a jizsaw puzzle. Basicly what I have been
    going through for the past 3-4 years.

    [Special Thanks to]

    All my beta testers ^^ (to many to list) i couldn't have done it with out you all! The reason i kept the puzzle pieces a secret
    and didnt show much progress with them was because i wanted to wait till the final upload of the video to reveal
    my custom effect (which has a lot of relevant meaning to the storyline and is an original concept) ^^. Finally
    a big thanks to Darkreu and Zalazgirl for giving advice and letting me bounce ideas and thoughts off you both ^^.


    For those who ask were do I get my clips i either download from
    animetake . com
    animerelease . net
    or i rip my DVDs.


    Sony Vegas = 58 Layers
    After Effects = 65 Layers

    [Time Taken]

    1 and a half months

    and a side note for those who ask how I made the puzzles i'm sorry but I wont be giving out any details on how I made
    them as it took me many hours to make them in 3D then position them in the ways that I did, i hope you understand ^^.

    Thank You so much for watching, I hope you enjoy ^^

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