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  • Member: animAe
  • Studio: Flowing Vision Studios
  • Title: I Am Here.
  • Premiered: 2011-08-04
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    • New Heights Peaches
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    An AMV telling the story of a girl who gets drafted into the army because of a war set between earth and space invaders called the 'Tarsians'. Mikako, a girl who was drafted, is forced to leave behind her friend Nobaru behind. To keep in touch with each other, they send text messages but as the war continues, Mikako realizes she loves Nobaru and desperately wants the war to end to go back home.

    So yeah! Thats the gist of the storyline xD Its not the full story of the anime short film, but I recommend watching it :) Info at the end of the video!

    Now about the video, I started this in the beginning of April but then took a 1 month break so I worked 4 months on this video Dx The video didn't even have a storyline when I first started out! And then, I realized how low quality the clips I were using were so being the high quality freak I am, I decided to recreate the whole video using better clips ._." But overall, I loved how this turned out and hope you guys enjoy it too!

    The song used was Peaches - New Heights and about a week ago, I went to a youtube concert called International Secret Agents where you basically meet all the asian youtube stars and at the concert I found out, New Heights was a Seattle band and got to play their song there! So kinda a bonus for me to hear the song live xD Cept, while they were playing, all I could see is my amv and how I was gonna fix it ._."

    A more non-making-sense version of this video was submitted to San-Japan and made it to Top 12 xD I'm glad to have made it, but I wished I was able to finish on time to show the finished project instead! ^^; But I hope the people going to that con will find this video xD



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