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  • Member: Stratos-RvS
  • Studio: revived studio
  • Title: Rolling Scissors
  • Premiered: 2011-07-31
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    • MOVE J-Pop artist Dogfight
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  • Comments: The early concept of this video came up one day visiting the italian air force museum in "Vigna di Valle". Walking through the warplanes I stopped to see the awsome "Fiat G-55 Centauro", then reading the near-located technincal card, I read some pilots that won dogfights on that plane and between the various names I read "Franco Lucchini", suddendly I remembered that in the anime "Strike Witches" there was a character who had a similar name: "Francesca Lucchini".

    So when I came back home I noticed that all the girls of that anime had similar names to real existed pilots of World War II. This discovery gave me the right inspiration for edit a new AMV.

    The video's title is a dogfight technique in which two planes in an attempt to bring the queue to another creates a spiral just called "Rolling Scissors".

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