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  • Member: Enigmo
  • Title: Supermoves
  • Premiered: 2011-06-20
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    • Overseer Supermoves (animatrix edit)
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  • Comments: Well.... all this is, is pretty much random action scenes from Bleach and Naruto, with a lot of effects to add impact and a few 3D effects just to engage the viewers. That's pretty much all I have to say about the video itself. This took me about 5 - 8 hours to make, but it was spread out in a month. So I was very lazy and at different times through out 30 days, I'd start editing it :P That's why you'll see some parts are completely different from others xD And I was inspired by Rrezz and Emilaaa145 when I was making this and at the end, if you watched Rrezz;s amv, then you'll think I ripped it xD. And finally, I think I did okay with this AMV, not amazing, but okay.

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