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  • Member: FurryCurry
  • Studio: Last Pole Studio
  • Title: Right, Ryoko. We Believe You
  • Premiered: 2003-06-03
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  • Song:
    • Hotbox Staggering
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  • Comments: This is my third video, my second for the Short AMV Project.

    Poor Ryoko, she just can't help being a party girl!

    It didn't take long to figure out who this song sounded like, so the concept went pretty smoothly.

    This time, I worked hard to get the technical basics down right. Inverse Telecine, cleaning up my clips, audio replacement for 24fps editing, etc.

    It is also my first serious attempt to use lipsync. A good portion of the time it took to edit this was spent trying to get it right. Hopefully, most of you will find it reasonably well done. ^^;

    This vid is definitely PG-13 territory at the least, for comedic nudity and a bit of harsh language, but nothing too extreme.

    Short, simple, and to the point, I hope you enjoy it.


    It seems the biggest complaint about this video is that the lyrics are hard to understand.
    I agree, so I'll post them here for the curious.

    Staggering by Hotbox:

    Why I'm on the wagon? Well...
    You'll find me in a world of shit
    I'll try to knock off every chip
    Up on the bar I'll start to strip
    Destroyin' my relationship
    Good-bye mind
    (Good-bye mind)
    Good-bye life
    (Good-bye life)
    I can't drink no alcohol or I won't have no money left
    I won't have no money left
    I won't have no money left


    One last note: It doesn't show, but Tere's a fair bit of work in this one to make things look good. I even used Combustion's Image Stabilization to fix one scene I wanted to use that had a horrible case of the shakes. There there were a couple spots where the production background appeared to actually have a HOLE in it, so I photoshopped those while doing the lipsync.

    I wonder if the production staff of this show were smoking cheap drugs, letting the interns run the photography machine, or what.
    I really like the show, but before this, I never really realized how bad some of the production quality was before this.

    Update: 03-18-05

    I have re-encoded this video from the master for better quality, compatibility, and smaller filesize.
    XviD 1.01 encoder was used, also should be Divx 5 compatible.

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