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  • Member: Cole
  • Title: Lock, Stock, and Chop-sui(2nd ed)
  • Premiered: 2003-06-03
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  • Song:
    • Suikoden III Opening Theme
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  • Comments: There's not much in the way of digital effects in here, just one scene where I tried to transition from Recca punching the screen into pieces and the picture reforming into a Kyo fight scene. It didn't come out like I wanted. Oh, well, it's only my second video. Maybe by my 22nd, I'll have some new tricks to try. Updated from the original LSaC-s, I added footage/music info to the intro, and tweaked the last fwe seconds a bit so that it wasn't so slow (I wanted it to be slow to match the music, but not THAT slow). Unfortunately, I also lost a bit of timing in the Hellsing scene where Victoria is taking out zombies. The three shots from her rifle WERE timed with the drum beats, but now they're off by like .55 seconds. *shrugs* Newbies. What do you expect.

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