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  • Member: Infinity Squared
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Madoka
  • Premiered: 2011-07-16
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    • Linkin Park Waiting for the end
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  • Comments: WINNER: Judge's Choice SMASH! 2011

    Thereís no trying to be pretentious with the title of this video. Itís simply a summary of the story and a reflection of the characters so in a sense, just like the AMV is a shortening of the series, this title is also just a compressed version of the originalís as well.

    It may not be immediately obvious given Iíve shown all of the main characters of the show, but the central premise of this entire video is indeed just about Madoka herself. I hoped to use the quick rehashing and ultimate fate of the characters to show what it all contributed into the shaping of Madokaís character, hence the need for practically all the major spoilers of the show. The bit where Homura fights Walpurgis Night is possibly the only thing out of place, but given the momentum of the music and the story itself, there was no way I was going to leave this out.

    Anyway, this is probably for me the epitome of imaginary editing. Iíve re-watched many of the scenes, sometimes just because I wanted to see them again, sometimes because I wanted to play the music in the background and see if itíll fit at that moment. Iíve also had this song on repeat for a good part of the past 2 months and more often than not, Iím imagining those scenes that could fit with the lyrics. So when it finally came to editing it, a good portion of it was completed in only one continuous 12 hour session. Only thing I really needed to work out were effects and timing. It was an interesting experience; oftentimes when I edit, I usually have a general idea of where scenes might fit in the song and just fill in the rest, but in this case, everything was a lot more specific up to even the layering. Maybe Iíve been doing this for too long :P

    Love the song for this obviously, otherwise I would have been sick of it after the 100th time that Iíve put it on repeat. The other song in the album, Iridescent, I think probably was in tune as well with Madoka and probably just as powerful, but what really attracted me to using this is the speed. It was hard and full of bravado and that suited the hugely contrasting theme of the show which is a bunch of cutesy characters being killed off and torn apart emotionally.


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