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  • Member: EvilBloodyNoob
  • Studio: Dreamscope
  • Title: [Dreamscope]Audience Of One
  • Premiered: 2011-07-20
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  • Song:
    • Rise Against Audience of One
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Haven't uploaded anything the reason being because I haven't done something descent
    all of my video I've tried to make have been crap and this came out descent enough to upload
    I got another project coming out soon tho it's going to be a 18+ mini amv for San Japan con
    I've been wanting to edit this song ever since watching SupaKaream video but never got the chance
    Once seeing Jeff's video with Gurren Lagann second movie I knew right away I had to download the movies and edit it with this song took me a while to find them but gotta thank DreamzAMV for the download links anyway enjoy

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