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  • Member: Kira_Douji
  • Studio: Liminal Augury
  • Title: Legacy
  • Premiered: 2011-07-14
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    • TI Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna)
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    A Tribute

    Although it was by far not the first anime I saw, Yu Yu Hakusho will forever hold a favored spot on my anime shelf. A fun shounen anime with brilliant characters, serious plot, and an influential spot in anime history - I'm almost glad I waited so long to watch it. In seeing everything that came after first, I could instantly appreciate all of the archetypes this show both launched and perpetuated to sharp heights.

    If you've watched my other videos by now, you know I'm a huge Slayers fan - and so when I say I consider this anime something of a spiritual precursor, you can understand just how much I've enjoyed it - a fact notably held up by my love of Yuusuke in the main role. I often find it difficult to really enjoy a main character and usually end up a much larger fan of a side character... and while I definitely came out of this similarly, it was with huge support for the main cast as a whole including Yuusuke. The fact that the supporting characters were all phenomenal as well only speaks all the more highly of Togashi's skills as a writer.

    Thus, the majority of this piece is focused (and named after) the similar paths of Yuusuke and Genkai. Although it briefly highlights other characters, these two are sharply constant as, certainly by the end of the third season and agreeably into the fourth, Yuusuke has taken on not only Genkai's legacy, but that of the detectives Koenma employes as well. His final legacy (and the fifth season) are explored in another video to come.

    The Video
    Produced in Premiere Pro CS4... sometime around 2008/2009, this video stayed amongst me and my friends mainly because it took so long for me to get around to adding titles. ^^;

    Source Material was all straight from DVD releases including Eizo Hakusho. I am very lucky my good friend allowed me to borrow them for source and LOVE the way it turned out because of it.

    The Music
    Selected because I feel it mimics the feel of the show very strongly; edged in the fun and upbeat, almost silly, with more serious themes throughout.

    I Really Hope You Enjoy It

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