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  • Member: TheDevian
  • Studio: Flickland Ink
  • Title: The Soul Warp - Audience Partici-Say it!-pation!
  • Premiered: 2011-07-07
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    • Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp
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  • Comments: This is Track #04, The Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With the video from Soul Eater. Starring...
    Dr. Franklin Stein as Riff Raff
    Medusa as Magenta
    Eruka as Columbia &
    Shinigami-sama as The Criminologist. (give or take)

    This includes a modified form of the Audience Partici-say it-say it-pation! (If by chance you are unaware of how this works, the Audience yells out lines [among other things] at the screen as the movie progresses. This is either in response to something in the song/movie or preceding the visual/audio cue. For example; as the movie is starting they yell "Let there be lips!" as a pair of lips appear on the screen like the Cheshire Cat in Drag that begin to sing the opening theme song.) Some of them I had to modify or leave out due to the lack of visual cue and others were added to fit this video a bit. When I found several versions and did not remember what the groups I used to watch it with did, Then I just used what I thought fit best (or in a couple of cases the 'cleaner' one, though if this project continues the rest might not be so lucky [The banister's Lucky!]) others I varied them per verse. So I apologize to anyone who's favorite lines were left out.

    ****WARNING, As fans of RHPS should be aware, There is Foul Language and obscene concepts in the subtitles! Most of them I did NOT make up.**** (and I did try to pick the cleaner ones over all...)

    This is my 5th video, and believe I learned a lot on it, and hopefully my work will continue to improve. And finally, a big thank you to those who commented on my other videos, any feedback is appreciated. It's nice to know what people did and did not like.

    This is in WMV format because it gave me the cleanest rendering of anything I tried. Every other format I attempted either blurred the edges of the fonts or messed up the picture, like the horizontal lines or added hiccups that were not there in the master. If this format offends you, then I am sorry, but this gives me the best result.

    I leave in the Track #04 part because I may continue this project (since it was rather entertaining to me) if I can work out a few details on how I want to work it, and get better at a few things, I figure it might be nice to keep them in order.
    I hope you have as much fun watching this as I had making it. ;}

    The You Tube Version
    04 The Soul Warp AMV from the Soul Eat Horror Picture Show

    For those of you who do not like the subtitles,
    Here is a version with minimal sub's (only the name of the video, myself and the characters)
    Minimal Subs
    and the totally sub free version.
    Sub Free


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