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  • Member: TheNanashi
  • Studio: Nanashi Studios
  • Title: Thru the Eyes of Love
  • Premiered: 2003-05-31
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    • Stavesacre Gold and Silver
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  • Comments: Here Brandon goes, trying to be all deep again...there is not much I can say about this video. I would hope it speaks for itself. It is very simple and straight forward, in my opinion.

    The song is pretty much what this video is all about, it is called "Gold and Silver" by a band named Stavesacre. They are fantastic and I suggest you check them out if you like the sound in the video. Here are the lyrics to the song.

    "You slipped from my arms, I knew you had to go
    Such a heavy heart, who could hope to hold
    And I know where you're going, and that's the hardest part
    No matter where tonight ends, you won't escape your broken heart

    Stay a while

    Helpless for the words, and it tightens up the air
    It's not what you deserve, it's not for lack of care
    Inside of me is screaming out, I'm praying for my prayers
    Distracting and unworthy of each and every burning tear
    Seems insincere

    Do I see God in all of this? maybe all along
    It's just that we're so small, and simply not as strong
    Strong like wings of silver, and feathers made of gold
    To carry heavy hearts, to cover all our helpless souls

    To cover all of us

    Under wings of Gold and Silver sometimes we have to hide
    For shelter from this bitter winter at least tonight

    Stay a while"

    Wings of Honneamise is also a really powerful anime in my opinion, and it is very story driven. The images and the ideas in the anime give a very religious tone and I tried to convey the whole thought of watching things slip away and watching and hoping for someone special in your life to make it through tough times. The title is derived from two things, see the song can be taken three ways, either it is sung thru the eyes of God or sung thru the eyes of someone watching a friend in these moments or it is both. So "Thru the Eyes of Love" is basically the eyes that love are seeing this happen.

    Anyway, this video in my opinion, is the best video I have done. Only because I felt everything was perfect in imagery and mood, and it really got a deep emotional response out of me, and none of my other videos have done that.

    Oh yeah, the R1 DVD for Wings of Honneamise sucks, don't buy it, buy the R2.

    Well, I hope you enjoy this video and get whatever you want out of it.

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