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  • Member: The Wired Knight
  • Studio: Wired Knight Productions
  • Title: Druaga (with lyrics)
  • Premiered: 2011-07-01
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    • Brentalfloss What if Final Fantasy had Lyrics
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  • Comments: Finalist - Anime Expo 2011
    2nd runner and 3rd runner up in comedy for Fanime 2011 (audience and judge's respectively)

    My 2011 Comedy video. For those that do not know, brentalfloss is a youtube personality that writes lyrics to famous video game tunes and then sings them. He is quite talented. One that has always stuck with me is his Final Fantasy with lyrics as it is exceptionaly well written and sticks with you. The idea for this one was actually from thinking about doing it as a full fantasy various or just Druaga. Iinevitably I went with druaga because it sticks closer to a video game theme in the series which allowed for more freedom.

    The second season is not in this video as the second set of discs was not available at time of editing. I almost considered not adding the text for the jokes and references in there as I wasn't certain if it worked as a comedy video without them. After fieldtesting the video with a bunch of friends I concluded that although the work was solid it wasn't actually humerous except for a few bits so I put in the jokes as originally planned.

    A few tidbits

    The joke about Zack from FF7 is because as I was watching teh series I could not get over teh fact that Neeba looks exactly like Zack, this distracted me the whole show.
    The scene of Druaga decaying is used at the same time as the original brentalfloss video in reference to the inspiration.
    All jokes written in are RPG related save for one, the "a winner is you" quote is at the end and is from an old NES Wresteling game, I placed it in because it seemed like a good end line and it is a personal favorite video game quote of mine.

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