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  • Member: soamark
  • Studio: Moonlight Wolves Studio
  • Title: Lollipop 2 - Alucard's Nightmare Returns
  • Premiered: 2011-06-29
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  • Song:
    • Big Bang Lollipop 2
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  • Comments: An AMV from me thats not a troll video?

    It was a request but i had fun making it. :)
    btw one of my editing software died during this time. :(


    Uh huh
    It goes L.O.L.L.I.P.O.P
    It goes L.O.L.L.I.P.O.P

    You got style, you're a star, everybody wants you
    We gon' rock, then we roll, I'm gonna do whatever I want
    Until this night passes by -- bump, bump, bump
    I want you all to myself, whoa~

    The lights wrapped around you are so beautiful
    Turn it up, drop it low, gotta move it slow

    Oh it's only me, don't be afraid, open your eyes
    Show me what you got girl, gotta work that thang

    Oh Cinderella
    You're a Lollidella who puts on shiny L.E.D slippers
    My Lollidella, (my) dazzling light
    Yea we gon' party like it's your birthday (go, go, go, go)
    There's only two of us under the colorful lights
    A new story, Lollipop 2
    My style is more thrilling than sweet, let's get wild

    Girl, you're my lollipop
    Oh girl, you're my lolli, lolli
    Girl, you're my lollipop
    Hey~ let's get it poppin', poppin'
    Girl, you're my lollipop
    Oh girl, you're my lolli, lolli
    Gotta, gotta get down now, everybody just bounce (no~)

    Your sweet smile makes me crazy
    (The way) you move, way you talk, got me losing control
    Your undisguisable confidence is so sexy~
    Just like that, I want you to myself, mmm~

    Your remarkable body make(s) me go whoa~
    Turn around, back it up, leave the rest to me now

    It's just the beginning, don't hide, get it on, oh!
    Show me what you got girl, gotta work that thang

    Lolli, Lolli, Lollipop
    Tic tic tok, my heart explodes
    My heart pounds, I can't breathe
    Pick whatever you want, there's no need to explain
    You know me, I'm a man with no problems, T.O.P
    Wanna run with me? Feel me~
    I'm a black belt from Double B

    (Let's go)
    Now here she comes, she wants some of my lollipop~
    She touching on my body makes me wanna rock~
    Now here I come, I'll give it to her straight up and down
    Now here I come, here I come
    Come, come, come, come

    [Repeat Chorus]

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