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  • Member: TheDevian
  • Studio: Flickland Ink
  • Title: Things That Make Nerima Go, Hummm!
  • Premiered: 2011-06-24
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    • C&c Music Factory Things That Make You Go, Hummm!
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  • Comments: C & C Music Factory's Things Things That Make You go Hummm
    Staring Ranma and Company.

    For those of you not familiar with the story of Ranma , you should know there are several characters who have curses that change them into other things based on which curse they have with the application of hot or cold water.
    The main guy changes into a girl, his father into a panda, and another into a piglet. There are others but they are not in this video.

    This is my 4th AMV and at 5 min it's my biggest undertaking. ;} (Don't plan to do one that long again any time soon) There are clips from every aspect of Ranma, From the TV show to the new OAV. I suppose that some of it could be (as always) considered spoilers, so I will check that box too just in case. Better safe than sorry. (To me even most opening credits are too much of a spoiler so I don't watch them until later in the season)...

    I tried to fit Each character in the song to match up with a character in the Show, for example Ryoga as the "Best Friend Jay". But All in all this is just intended to be good silly fun.
    The lip syncing wasn't exactly intended (or planed), but I figure since it is hard to get the right clips with people not moving their lips, it's less distracting if they move in sync. To me the most important factor is that the scene fit the line, but if I can make the lip movement match the words too, then bonus ;} And if the mouths move and don't line up then some will think I was trying and failed.

    Oh well, can't think of anything else to say about it, so...
    I hope you enjoy.

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