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  • Member: MightySpirit
  • Studio: Falling Up Studios
  • Title: D e s t i n y
  • Premiered: 2010-06-28
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  • Songs:
    • Mai Takahashi Dawn
    • Minori Chihara Lost Paradise
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  • Comments: Idea -
    This video was created as a birthday present for one of my good friends and fellow editor.

    The video itself is just meant to focus on Fate and her relationship with Nanoha, while trying to fit the lyrics of the song as closely as possible. So even though the song is in Japanese, it does fit the translated lyrics, and the video makes a lot more sense with them.

    Footage - [ Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ]
    Since my friend loves Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, and I do as well, it was an easy choice. I've always wanted to get to edit with this anime, and this was the perfect chance to do so.

    Song - [ Minori Chihara - "Lost Paradise" ]
    I was just randomly browsing through my music and decided this would be a good song to edit to. Once I actually looked up the translated lyrics as well, it seemed like a really good fit for the footage I planned to edit with.

    Editing Process -
    This video was meant to resemble an opening to an anime, so I tried to keep the effects to a minimum, while trying to fit the lyrics and flow of the song. So for the most part, all I did was tweak the colors and brightness of the footage. Aside from that I just used some basic transitions and I few custom ones, with ideas taken from the actual OP of Nanoha

    Programs Used:
    Vegas Pro 9.0

    Youtube Link:

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