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  • Member: competitionbros
  • Studio: Way Of The Pride
  • Title: J.A.C.S.
  • Premiered: 2011-06-24
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  • Song:
    • Her Words Kill Love on the Catwalk
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    This started out as a very small 14 second beta to check some footage but after some feedback I extended it to about a minute. I had no idea how much I wanted to do so I'd just edit it on and off again over the next few months until it was completed.

    Despite it being mainly an action vid I tried to still tell somewhat of a story. It shouldn't be hard to follow even if you've never played Resident Evil 5 or an RE game. The problem is if you HAVEN'T played those games then some of it won't make sense but hey, it's nothing major.

    If you see an effect you don't like don't blame me as I used no effects beyond crossfades/fades. Any flashes, shakes, zooms, etc..... you see is part of the footage. The only thing I could do about that is to change the scene entirely so if you find yourself saying a blur looks ugly or something then blame the developers.

    This vid is broken up into three fights: Jill/Albert/Chris/Sheeva, Jill/Albert/Chris, and Sheeva/Albert/Chris. Each fight has a slightly to drastically different tempo (mid, slow, fast respectively) as the song constantly changes throughout. I tried to make the editing fit this mood/ pace of each section of the song.

    If you find yourself hating the ending then welcome to the club of people that hate the ending of RE5. If I had to experience that crappy end fight then you will suffer through this crappy end vid. Enjoy.

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