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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: Akon 14 Iron Chef - Margaritaville
  • Premiered: 2003-05-31
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    • Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville
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  • Comments: Video #53

    My video for the Iron Chef that took place at mexicanjunior's apartment during Akon 14.

    Both Hitori and I were assigned to compete against each other using this song so the anime of choice for me was FLCL while Hitori used Excel Saga. First of all, I haven't seen any FLCL prior to this except for some amvs and BigDave had the first episode ripped to his computer for me to use. So BigDave let me use his comp while Hitori used MJ's comp.

    First I tried to sync the mood of the scenes to the song but the video ended up being so slow and boring and I had a 2 hour time limit to work on it. The major thing I thought about the most was time and the night before while watching BigDave and DannyWilson compete, they came up with some great advice on how to do good in Iron Chef so Hitori and I used that advice as the basis of our videos. So with a short amount of time, I decided to speed up the song and most of the footage to 150% so that would cut the editing time significantly. On the vocal parts I put in some extremely half assed lip sync while I tried to put whatever I could in the instrumental parts. I just put the first mouth movement I saw to the vocal parts without a chance of hell in getting the lip sync right. Surprisingly I think for TWO WHOLE PARTS, some of the lip sync was actually pretty dead on for Naota and Haruko. As the video progressed I ended up running out of lip sync footage to use and pretty much entered random scene territory. One thing that brought down my score really bad was the middle chorus because I just put the long unedited robot growing out of Naota's head scene to fill up the time. After an hour in, I figured out Hitori had alread finished so I tweaked some minor things and finished after another 10 minutes.

    The results were pretty close because Hitori's video used 3 different styles of editing like starting it off normal, then going into total Dinosaur video mode. The competition got pretty close and I barely won. I ended buying the first 2 FLCL dvds at Akon the next day. Pretty much after watching them, I could have done this video alot better.

    This video is horrible, the lip sync is total ass, and the editing is pretty under par but I had a pretty damn fun time editing this. I assume this video will lower my average but I don't care. :P

    I could redo this correctly but I just love how half assed it is. :)

    Big thanks to MJ for hosting this event at his place.

    Major props to my opponent Hitori who made this such a close competition.

    Thanks a million to BigDave for ripping the footage and letting me use his fast comp to make the video :)

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