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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: NES Project 2003 - Track 22 - Battle Rocks
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
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    • AmIEviL Battle Rocks
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  • Comments: Video #54

    My 2nd contribution to the NES Project which was track 22, more info found here..

    When Fluxy decided to extend the deadline, I went on a mad search to find another track to edit. I wanted to avoid doing another Megaman related track and I had recently went through all of Super Mario Bros. 3 in a 2 day sitting so I wanted to do something Mario related. Fortunately, I found a good SMB3 track that I thought was alot of fun, Battle Rocks, so after getting approval from Fluxy and mexicanjunior, I went off to edit the track.

    This video introduced a ton of new things to me such as editing animated gifs in premiere and the lovely transperancy things that could be done with 16 colors on screen NES footage. I went through alot of trial and error the first couple of days editing this until I was able to successfully work with the gifs and NES footage.

    The first things that came to mind while listening to this song was the wackiness of DiGi Charat and more of the funny scenes from DBZ. I focused alot more on integrating the NES footage and gifs to the anime footage so it could be alot more fun looking. Although I think I used more DBZ footage than DiGi Charat footage.

    This video took a while to do but not too long since I spent the majority of my time editing it which was around 20-30 hours in the course of 6 days. I had alot of fun doing this one like my previous track, Yusuke man vs. Jin man. And yes, teh typos at teh end are intentional and corny at teh same time :P


    - I really should have made the coins smaller and placed them all around the screen to time the beats after Goku beats the HFIL ogre. The more I watch it, the more annoying it gets.

    - While I was recording the Mario 3 sliding on the green hills footage in NNJester, I got hit right before the last slide and decided not to re-record the shot :/

    - The water scene with Abarenbou (The blue water drop for a head guy in DiGi Charat) somewhat led up to what I felt was a whole bunch of nonsense scenes so I wasn't able to have a hard hitting part to get the last star. It was still fun since he's my favorite DiGi Charat character. :)

    Don't dismiss the video because I used DBZ, because there is ALOT more to DBZ than just the fighting and powering up scenes. Goofy filler material is a gold mine for AMV footage :)

    "The NES Project 2003 ended up being a huge success and I hope it will entertain as well as remind people about how much the original NES system really influenced and changed our lives" -Machine

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