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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: superposed
  • Premiered: 2011-06-08
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Cynic Integral
    • Cynic Integral Birth
  • Anime:

    SH119 is an experimental video descended from SH115 and the cult BR broadcast Space Night. It has two audio tracks, which is why it's in a Matroska (mkv) container.

    This video was edited simultaneously to both audio tracks; as noted in the end card, there is no "main" version and no "alternate" version of the video. SH119 is the version with "Integral Birth" and also the version with "Integral": watching the video with one or the other audio track disentangles the quantum state.

    As noted, this video also brings in ideas from quantum mechanics, specifically as per the Many-Worlds Interpretation. Assuming that the universe behaves at the macro level in the same way that we can observe it at the micro level (i.e., existing simultaneously in all possible states, superposed, appearing linear to us only because our perceptions are following a state-transition path through the graph of adjacent possible states), MWI is probably the best model, but if you actually waste your time thinking about what's going on in states that you'll never reach from your current perceptual slice, you're a moron. (It's also easy to get onto a wicked solipsistic track where you take the next step and realize that everyone else's perceptual track only intersects yours at an infinitesimal fraction of quantum states, and the reality you inhabit is only "shared" to a purely theoretical degree. There are still other people out there, they are having similar totally-disjoint-totally-alone experiences, and they still matter.)

    SH self grade: B|B. Both states of the waveform in this video are decent, but not much more, a constraint of, um, editing a video to two pretty disjoint songs at the same time. However, this does hit the marks: to make a video of this type that would be decently synched to both of two different pieces, and yet develop differently as regard to feel and impressions depending on which audio track was used.
    stats: # clips: 163. average length: 1.41 seconds. total time: 29 hours.

    about the music: Cynic are awesome, probably the best after Atheist of the first generation of tech-death if not the best outright. After releasing Traced In Air, their reunion record, instead of putting out a disc of all new material, they did an EP "reinterpreting" several of the songs from Traced In Air. "Integral" is the Re-Traced version of "Integral Birth"; the sampled click-track under the trailer card is taken from "Wheels Within Wheels", the only new song on that EP.

    If you have problems playing the file, please check here; this is a h.264 video track with one AAC audio track and one MP3 audio track in a Matroska container, so it may get a little complicated.

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