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  • Member: Saber_Lightning
  • Title: Roxas
  • Premiered: 2010-02-12
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  • Song:
    • Within Temptation See Who I Am
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  • Comments: Uploading this video that took me months to do. It was done with Windows Movie Maker and many hours of patience (as you all know, it has the habit of crashing >.>).

    This was done to have the song, See Who I Am by Within Temptation, to fit Roxas' situation, his internal struggle as a Nobody and so on. I'm going to upload the voice-less version after.

    I already said in a private post what I feel xD But distortions and perspective shift was important in telling the story. Sorry if you spotted some background music from the game during voices. Had no idea how to fix them. All WMM baby.

    I think it was a mistake for me to use Sepia Tone. As you could see, there's more Black and White instead at the second half. It was less annoying to the eyes and more obvious.

    I didn't want to mix up the smooth 3D opening and the game rendering either. I only use them on certain parts.

    There's also a lot of meaning with the timing of the lyrics to the song...hope you notice xD

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