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  • Member: weMULTIPLYgasp
  • Studio: Dream On Studio's
  • Title: Accelerant
  • Premiered: 2011-02-27
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  • Song:
    • Blue Stahli Accelerant
  • Anime:
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    Title: Accelerant
    Anime: Naruto
    Audio: Accelerant - Blue Stahli
    Programs: Sony Vegas & After Effects
    Editor: weMULTIPLYgasp
    Studio: {DoS} Dream on Studios
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    The inspiration that brought me to make this vid goes to this single picture right here:

    I was browsing zerochan one day and i stumbled across that pic...and when i saw it, i heard music in my head, saw the picture animate it self and bam. Inspiration was born.

    This is for all you fellow naruto fans!
    I was trying to mimic the naruto games. which is why the voices were there lol. Overall, I really enjoyed making it, and I hope you all enjoy my hardwork!

    Curtsey of my sister for giving me an idea what to put at 00:56 - 1:01 other wise i would of just left that part blank :P

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